The Millennium Center in Downtown Winston Salem has a secret history… One with a few different chapters at that. Constructed in 1906, it was originally intended to serve as the City’s post office. But quickly, in 1914, due to the buildings existing grandeur, it was expanded and became the first US Federal building in the region. Housing the post  office, the US federal court, the US attorney, an FBI office and soon to be: A speakeasy. Well, several of them actually. It turns out one of the best places to hide it was right under everyone’s nose.

A good friend of mine, Troy Grubb, has been great friends with the building’s current owner, Greg for some time. Typically the building is rife with activity. Between weddings, formals, and other business events, it’s difficult to even book an evening at the venue in normal times. However, given the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the circumstances, we were able – read: encouraged – to use one of the existing speakeasy setups in the building’s basement as a set for a new local DJ showcase: Reversed Phase.

Promo Video for Freddie Fred’s Set

Brought to you by Common Experience and Strictly Social, this first episode featuring Freddie Fred, who is also featured in the second season of the clubhouse live, will not disappoint.MJS Live happily shot, recorded, edited, and provided motion graphics for the event as well as streaming it twice in US and UK time zones.

Freddie Fred Live @ The Millennium Center