About Me

My passion has always found me using technology to create.

This passion has given me a sense of drive in my several years on tour as a lighting designer, my hometown experience as a photographer, and my freelancing as a video editor.

I’m a recent graduate of High Point University (HPU) with a Bachelor of the Arts in Electronic Media Production, and a minor in theatre production. I was able to graduate a semester early and maintain a 3.5 gpa.

High Point University actually wrote a blog post about me post-graduation.

Born and raised in Southbury, Connecticut, I developed a passion for theatre and began working high school shows when I was in just 6th grade, running the lights and audio consoles. I still hold the record for the most shows ever done in my high school theatre. Additionally, I received 3 consecutive Halo awards for my lighting design, an annual state-wide honor.

This led me to my first internship in Manhattan at RKE productions when I was just 15. There, I worked with artists like Sherryl Crowe, The Dropkick Murphys and the Moody Blues.

When I moved to North Carolina to continue my education at HPU, I found a job working shows at Imagine Design and Production services in Greensboro, NC. There, I honed my lighting design skills, working numerous dance, corporate, and music oriented shows. All the while, I was studying media production, creating video and motion graphics for productions at school.

While in college, I assisted my friend Zac Gaetano (now of NBC Universal and Wild Dragon Productions) with “A Day In the Life Of Nido Qubien,” a documentary following our school’s president, a notorious public speaker and philanthropist, through his everyday doings. I’ll never forget laying across the back seat of his Mercedes with an audio mixer.

A year before my graduation, I landed an internship as a lighting technician at Special Event Services in Winston-Salem, which very quickly turned into a full-time position. This opportunity skyrocketed my abilities, and found me soon on tour with the likes of Luke Combs as his Dimmer Technician and flying a video wall for the Avett Brothers. Traveling the country and putting on shows had been my dream job and I am so appreciative of the opportunity.

Now, I find myself the owner of a local marketing and video production company with a loyal client base, MJS Live Productions LLC. Our clients include the Hispanic League, Wake Forest Baptist Childrens Hospital, SalesChain LLC, and Special Event Services themselves.

I can’t wait for what the future holds, and am excited for whatever project I can next get my hands on. I believe that the learning truly never stops, and thrive on the opportunity to face new challenges and learn new technology. Contact me, and maybe we can collaborate on your next production!