As a sophomore in High School, I began a marketing internship with a small business local to my hometown. Small enough that when I arrived, I was greeted by credentials to the company YouTube account, and nothing sitting on my desk save for a camcorder and a USB microphone. I spent my first day at SalesChain, LLC. getting acquainted with my new gear and contemplating the path Id’ take with the potential I’d just been given.

Combing over the existing tutorials, I was berated by a smattering of screen capture tutorials which had clearly been recorded with no consideration for audio hardware amongst a handful of tripod and camcorder announcement videos. Despite how informative and useful they were as a training and educational resource, lacked any intrigue.

Over the course of that summer I worked with their training team to develop several short video series that covered both their most frequently asked questions as well as several features they were interested in showcasing.

Since then SalesChain has continued to employ the help of myself and the MJS Live team to produce all of their corporate resources. This year, We’ve already produced 8 new videos for them and assisted with the design and image editing for their new corporate website. As my career in the production industry has gravitated towards live events, SalesChain has continued to help me stay in touch with my second love, and the subject of my Bachelor’s Degree: Video Production and Animation.

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