Just a Nerd

My Skills:
  • Grandma2 Series Consoles
  • Avolites Titan Series Consoles
  • ETC Eos Series Consoles
  • Hippotizer v4 Media Servers
  • Catalyst Media Servers
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Blender
  • Octane Renderer

My addiction has always been to technology.

Some of my earliest memories illustrate me trying to connect every leftover bit of gadgetry in my parent’s basement together, a handful of forgotten laptops for LAN parties with my friends and arrays of derelict computer speakers. Constructing these elaborate schemes helped me pass summer days and weekends.

By high school, my addiction was relentless. I picked up the hobbies of DJing the school dances and running lights for every school play and musical. When dances became mundane, I knew there was something I could do to combine the two worlds. If I had to pin it down – founding and throwing a dance called Lights was likely the moment when I decided entertainment production would be my profession.

Since then I’ve enjoyed unique opportunities to push my understanding of software and system integration beyond the limits of imagination, all for the goal of creating memorable audience experiences. Lighting design and Programming and Video content creation have truly led me to passion-driven work. I’ve been elated to produce or program work for the likes of Luke Combs, The Avett Brothers, Jameson Rodgers and others.

My First Design ``Lights`` A High School Dance I Started A Tradition of Hosting Every Year. (2012)